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Delivery & Installation

From our Post Oak showroom to your living room, delivery is included within the Houston area. Our experienced team will help situate your Madison Lily rug in its new home. Each rug is accompanied by a rug pad along with optional stain guard treatment. Although hand delivery is only available in Houston, we offer shipping for clients overseas and outside of Houston. We offer in-home presentations within the Houston area, allowing clients to preview their selections before making a final decision.

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Never use chemicals. Vacuum with the grain. Learn how to care for your rug.

Learn how to care for your rug

Cleaning a Spill

Madison Lily rugs are handmade with natural materials —harsh over-the-counter chemicals or solvents should never be used to clean your rug.

Step 1: Clean and remove excess debris immediately before a stain can set in.

Step 2: Use a cotton cloth dampened with warm water or club soda to blot the affected area. Be gentle, as rubbing will work the stain into the fibers.

Step 3: If the stain is being stubborn, then try adding a mild or natural soap to the water and repeat the previously described steps

Step 4: Once the stain is removed, use a dry clean white cloth to blot away any excess water. Vacuuming Always vacuum with the grain of the natural fibers and use the lowest, most gentle setting (often for hardwood floors). Make sure to vacuum unexposed parts of the rug which may live under a sofa or bed, to prevent potential moth damage. Madison Lily offers professional cleaning and rug restoration services.

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